Overall, I am interested how socially aggregated information can help individuals educate themselves and make decisions. Below are ongoing projects:

Weaving clinical expertise in online health communities
Deliver both patient and clinical expertise to online patients

SHINE: Unobtrusive sensing for improving family routine
Help Latinos families prevent child obesity through acoustic sensing and visualizing family routines

Breast cancer trajectory explorer
Help breast cancer patients make complex decisions learning from others

Using CVD risks to help with daily food choices
Develop mHealth application to help patients at risk for CVD make daily food choices

Online social support using expressive arts therapy for mental health in emerging adults
Develop online support systems in which participants share expressive arts therapy activities for mental wellness

Most of my projects, as shown above, are helping online patients. However, these efforts are useless if people just do not participate online. So I am looking into the issues around what makes people join, migrate, and stop participating in online activities.

Understanding social media retention
Understand factors that make people stay in social media